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A solo dance, theater, and video performance about the confinement of the Coronavirus and its consequences on the body and mind of human beings and nature.

During the confinement of the Coronavirus pandemic, I made a series of CoreoVideos or videos from the perspective of the choreographer, filmed and danced by myself, to explore the sensations of this extraordinary situation, and as the only way to continue creating and presenting dance. “Antropofobia” incorporates the presence of a live dancer into these videos.

The conflict between the virtual and the real is featured here in the tension between a living, raw and vulnerable body that dances with a virtual body, canned and free of contagion. The virtual body becomes the only possible partner. The real body can get sick, while the canned body is invariable. Both support each other by sharing the scene to express the new limitations of body and space, the uncertainties and desires, the profound changes in the social rituals, and the fears of new phobias we now live.

ChoreoVideography and Concept

Marianela Boán


Marianela Boán and Daymé Del Toro

Asesor General: Alejandro Aguilar

Real Dancer: Dayme Del Toro

Virtual dancer: Marianela Boán

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